What if we nailed it, but screwed up?

So we’re trying to move this huge locomotive called the organization, towards a state of humanization. That’s good. In fact, that’s nothing less than fantastic. We need to move organizations out of the industrial age mindset, and into the age of people. To that end, a lot of theories, experiments and new ways of organizing ourselves, have come to light. Take motivational theory for example,”AMP theory” from the book Drive (this is my own association term, so I remember it…
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Perhaps this is why knowledge sharing is either difficult, or fails?

In about 1,5 hours, I will go present to a network I’m part of. It’s about knowledge sharing. Or rather, that’s one part of it. I come from a technical background, with a special interest in solutions for knowledge sharing, collaboration and communication. The technical platforms which let people think, do and talk. In other words, the essentials of daily work – at least to me. I’ve been thinking a lot lately, about why it is that sharing knowledge is…
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If you work with knowledge, think like a farmer

There are many aspects to being a knowledge worker, this day in age, and a lot of disengaging factors as well. I’ll disregard the subjects of organization, leadership and teamwork for a minute, and focus on one very basic subject: Understanding what knowledge is, and why you can’t EVER escape the social element, if you’re in the business of knowing, and generating knowledge. Where does knowledge fit into the picture ? One model I came across, which I find very…
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