Social Business

Perhaps this is why knowledge sharing is either difficult, or fails?

In about 1,5 hours, I will go present to a network I’m part of. It’s about knowledge sharing. Or rather, that’s one part of it. I come from a technical background, with a special interest in solutions for knowledge sharing, collaboration and communication. The technical platforms which let people think, do and talk. In other words, the essentials of daily work – at least to me. I’ve been thinking a lot lately, about why it is that sharing knowledge is…
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Email – the next killer feature in collaboration?

Email. Can’t live with it. Can’t live without it. And you damn sure can’t kill it. Email is basically the internet equivalent of toilet paper. It’s the subject we don’t really talk about that much, but we all use it. We have to. The problem, I guess, is its inherent asynchronicity. As soon as email is used in anything more than one to one communication, you also choose to get out of sync. Whether it’s what you discuss, or that…
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Vil du med i transparenscirkus?

Forleden dag under Internet Week Denmark, var jeg til #Unhype Social Media oplæg af Anders Colding-Jørgensen. Som altid var Anders morsom, havde skarpe pointer, og såede nogle gode tanker om blandt andet transparens, og hele det her Social Business cirkus. En af pointerne, som jeg opfattede den, var at transparens bør være en kontrolleret størrelse. En planlagt forestilling – et transparenscirkus, så vi ikke utilsigtet ryger i uføre. Fordi fuld transparens giver dig indblik i nogle dele af en verden…
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