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Perhaps this is why knowledge sharing is either difficult, or fails?

In about 1,5 hours, I will go present to a network I’m part of. It’s about knowledge sharing. Or rather, that’s one part of it. I come from a technical background, with a special interest in solutions for knowledge sharing, collaboration and communication. The technical platforms which let people think, do and talk. In other words, the essentials of daily work – at least to me. I’ve been thinking a lot lately, about why it is that sharing knowledge is…
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If you work with knowledge, think like a farmer

There are many aspects to being a knowledge worker, this day in age, and a lot of disengaging factors as well. I’ll disregard the subjects of organization, leadership and teamwork for a minute, and focus on one very basic subject: Understanding what knowledge is, and why you can’t EVER escape the social element, if you’re in the business of knowing, and generating knowledge. Where does knowledge fit into the picture ? One model I came across, which I find very…
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